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Update 8

Posted On May 4, 2016

Coolant expansion tank I used some axle brackets I had laying around to extend the tank out

image15 image14

I also made my own intake using 2.5in aluminum pipe. This made for a great hard pipe that wont flex under boost as well as be easy to uninstall. I covered it in heat tape.


I used a offset coupler to connect the turbo and the hard intake pipe together. The hose clamps are perfectly placed so that the intake is easy to remove unlike the OEM and some after market options. I did delete the BPV inlet since i have an aftermarket blitz BOV installed.



Intake installed


Fuel lines
I used all SS PTFE line for my fuel set up. They are all pressed/crimped lines. I just can’t trust the DIY crimp line. Plus these are tested up to 1500psi.

I bent the OEM fuel hard lines from the engine 90deg very carefully. I used the press and Trq down fittings for the ends. You will need the 5/16in fittings


Earls E85 approved 10micron filter

image11 image18

I did have to do some things to get the fuel filter and level to install right.

image3 image4 image5

  • Problem solved rotated the level sender about 90deg and bent the fuel pump assembly to its sitting a little more up.
    Bent the pump up more so the filter clears better. I just hope this does not cause to much of an issues if fuel runs low but I also don’t see me having that low of fuel.
  • Fuel level Sender will not faces the back side of the car vs the front. I just twisted the whole mounting pipe. And then bent the level sender as needed.

I made sure to run the lines to the tank so that they would not rub or touch any wire or other line. I also used the 2nd largest fuel pump assembly line as the fuel return and and the smaller one as a vent going to the ground. I don’t have much of a fuel smell. But maybe I’m just used to it since many of my cars have run “free” from any emissions canisters.