Transmission install

Notes on transmission install:

To start off I attempted to use a  1998 forest 5mt trans. This will not work as the center diff helps pump oil( Read this FFR thread for more!). I changed my transmission to a 2014 WRX trans. I am using the the 06+ WRX push style clutch. I bought a 06 clutch kit, flywheel,  bearing fork, and the ball join that goes behind the fork. Grab all of those parts and your all set to handle decent power.

  • Before you install any transmission make sure to clean the throwout bearing shaft. Grab some mild sand paper or a wire brush and clean it so that its smooth. Add MP grease to the shaft and fork ball join for smooth glide.
    • IMG_3040 (600x800)
  • Place the flywheel on engine I use red lock tight to ensure the flywheel does not come loose. Clean the surface with brake clean.
    • IMG_3031 (600x800)
  • Next install your clutch disk this is very important make sure its nice and straight.
    • IMG_3033 (600x800)
  • Place your pressure plate on make sure to clean the surface with brake clean. After install confirm you alignment tool still installs straight.
    • IMG_3034 (600x800) IMG_3035 (600x800)
  • Install the trans. I used an engine hoist I would suggest installing it onto the engine 1st then installing the engine and transmission as one.
    • IMG_3044 (800x600)

2WD conversion

  • I followed the FFR directions and everything went well. The only issue I ran into was I had an extra shim in my transmission. Not sure FFR just forgot or what.
    • i2 (640x480)
      • I removed all the above. My transmission had two of the shims(pic only shows one) shown on top of the gear. The reason my image shows one on top of the gear is I used the other inside the transmission as thats what the FFR directions stated.
      • Should be nice and clean in there 😀
      • 000_0152 (800x600)
    • Install your cover plate. I painted mine and also scuffed up the inside so I could have a nice seal.
      • I have found over the years the best oil sealer is “Permatex right stuff”. It seals quick and provides an awesome seal. I have never head an issue using this as a sealer compared to other sealers.
      • cover (800x600)
      • image1 (640x480)