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Update 20

Posted On April 13, 2017

Headlight bucket install

Finally solved my headlights. I tried using fasteners on the bottoms and it didn’t work how I wanted. So I ended up having to get new buckets from FFR. The new ones are now flat black and no longer have the raw glossy black plastic. I like them! Also I’m not sure if it’s the flat black or what but decided to go back to the default FFR light set up and not have the LED strips. Kinda like the cleaner look for now.

I used rivnuts for the headlight housing seemed to work the best they are 10-24. They work nice and I can remove everything like I wanted. Only draw back is getting the rivnuts flush I didn’t get them all flush with the housing. This worked okay though because I needed some of them at an angle. They all hold on well and strong but just for safe measures I used some epoxy on them for extra strength.


My mounting solution for the Hella light!!!

Adjustment looks to be working and mounting is nice and rock solid! I thought of this after finding out that the new headlight shells I was sent had miss aligned holes for the Hella mounts. The 1st ones FFR sent fit good but I ruined them.. Maybe they got a bad batch on the second run… After not having any way to mount the Hella light correctly and getting frustrated I would have to get another set. I thought of a solution and it should work for everyone!

Notice how my bolts are not centered this is not because I did something wrong its because the FFR shells were misaligned for the Hella mounting holes. If you do this on yours I would assume the bolts should be dead center. All you need are 1/4 grommets thread the screws into the lights by hand tell you have enough to grab with a screw driver on the backside.

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