Costume Intake pipe

There are a lot of intake pipe options available. The main problem is the inlet intake pipe. The OEM option tends to crack and fall apart over time, the after market options range from cheap (it will probable collapse) to wow “I just paid what again for this silicon pipe”!  I decided to make my own to attempt to cut down on cost as well as I have more faith in an all aluminum pipe.

Things to Note:

  • I didn’t end up needing a BOV inlet on my intake pip sense I’m just venting mine.
  • You will need a straight inter cooler pipe with a slight bend at the end of it.
  • You will need an offset silicon coupler to attach your intake onto the turbo. I got mine from HPS 2.25in to 2.5in offset coupler.
  • I have an ej207 so I don’t have TGVs so this may not fit as well for you.

image9 image22image21