Accelerator pedal mod

Accelerator pedal

  • I ended up mounting the medal straight into the front aluminum panel. I my install a brace for the panel eventually however currently I see no need. If you have a heavy foot though it may be worth it!
  • For some reason my throttle cable came without the throttle body end cylinder installed. I thought about calling FFR about it however after thinking about it I found that it was better to have it off this way I could install the cable properly as well as shorten the extra slack on the cable so the throttle would open fully and have no slack in the cable.
    • I Broke the plastic stopper that went into the accelerator pedal when I tried to install it. I have read a few posts where people have broken it just while driving. To fix this problem I used a normal push in plastic tab normally used to mounting body parts like mudflaps etc as the guide. Then I put a nut between the ball and the pedal. This provides a nice strong hold that wont get warn out.
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    • For the throttle body end I found some DIY cable links at autozone. The kit comes with a few different sizes for different linkage size. All you need to do is feed your cable through the hole cut the extra cable off and use the provided screw to hold the line in place. If your extra paranoid like me just throw some solder on the end of the wire to help hold it in place.  The screw should be more then enough though. Set to how you like it I set mine with zero slack so pedal has no play in it. INSTANT POWER!!!!
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  • The Accelerator pedal mount was also adjusted. The FFR mount seemed to put the pedal at a poor location without a good strong hold to it so I mounted mine directly to the aluminum. Most forum members have done this as well with no issues. I would recommend a reinforcement plate if your someone who really mashes down the gas pedal with force.
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