Engine Install

In general install is straight forward not to much to post here. I installed the trans later where as FF suggest installing it as one. I would follow FF in this case gettign things aligned was a bit painful as a single man job. I installed an Ej207 v7 from japan. It seemed that this was the best motor and had the strongest internal as them come forged from the factory. Read all about it here.

Engine install and prep:

  • I bought my motor from Japan import parts. They were fast and very easy to work with and also included a video of the engine I was received fully running. Video here.
    • FullSizeRender(1)
  • Remove exhaust heat shield and O2 sensor both got cought during install on me.
  • Do the coolant neck mod before you install the motor (found here). I placed a towel inside the pipe to catch shavings then vacuumed out the pipe as a second measure.
  • Alternator bracket. I found that the best solution was to just cut the OEM bracket. Its made out of aluminum fits perfect and is very light after cutting it. You will want to cut it so that you have the top and one side bolt remaining.
    • IMG_3016 (600x800) IMG_3017 (600x800) IMG_3018 (600x800)
    • IMG_3019 (600x800) IMG_3020 (600x800)
  • Before placing your engine in I would recommend installing upgraded motor and transmission mounts. I found that my engine moved a lot when I had the OEM mounts. A lot of 818 owners have noticed this as upgraded. I used Cusco mounts as they seemed to have the best reviews and were not completely solid. I did not notice to much of an increase in vibration from going from stock to cusco upgrade. I did however notice my engine has very little movement now yay!
    •  image_zpssmv12lmb (600x800)
  • Once you have all the mods done place the motor in and move on :). US the OEM mounts for install. Its best to place engine and transmission in together however I did mine individually and didn’t find it to be to hard you just need to make sure to support the engine from the front so that you arn’t putting to much stress on the engine.
    • IMG_3024 IMG_3045