Sound Deadening and carpet

Sound and heat proofing

One thing I do recommend is some sound deadening. With a lot of panels being aluminum you may have some rattling that could get annoying quick. With the engine being in the back you may find that your cabin gets really hot. Or you may find that you have crazy amount of wind and road noise while driving around because your floor is a thin sheet of aluminum. I found that soundproofing around just improves the ride quality and it does not need to be crazy amounts by any means. While it will probably never be as perfect as OEM there is a lot of room for improvement. One thing to keep in mind is try to stay away from tar based products it can be very harmful to your health.¬† That means say no to the roofing patches while its cheap your health is far more important. I used this link for some in depth reviews –>

  • I ended up going with hushmat as it was the most affordable and seemed to really help cut down on heat. I ordered¬†20 silver sheets that were 12″x23″. I did not even use all of the sheets, it covered all of my interior with maybe 3 sheets left overs!
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      • Note to help cut down on heat. I put sheets of hush mat on both sides of the firewall. This should help cut down on heat.


  • For carpet you can use just about anything the FFR option is nice and its pre-cut! If your like me you probably rather save and try to DIY. I ended up going to Menards(local hardware place like Lowes) I bought some indoor/outdoor carpet. Its very light, costed $30, and has no backing on it. No backing is great for mounting as well! I ended up velcroing all the carpet onto the aluminum panels I did this because I wanted the car to be easily serviceable and be able to remove carpet without any issue. Gluing carpet on just was not an option for me. My method went lay hush mat, install velcro strips on top, place carpet on aluminum panels, cut tell you get the coverage you need.
  • Boost the cat seemed to love the way it felt too….
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  • If you look around my infinity box you can see how I mounted my velcro strips.
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  • Sadly I forgot to get pictures of the sides carpet! But….. the sidewalls around the seats have carpet as well. This was pretty easy just just lay your velcro on top of the hush mat and then lay your carpet on top of that and cut along the wall tell you get the shape you need.
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