Turbo Clocking

If you for whatever reason need to clock your turbo to adjust it(upgraded Intercooler was why I did it), it may or may not have silicon sealant holding it together. My Vf30 had sealant holding it together so I had to break to seal in order to get it free. Follow The directions below for best results! Directions were found here —> http://forums.nasioc.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1320321&page=2














Pic 1  VF-30 turbocharger
Pic 2 Removing compressor housing bolts with 8mm wrench
Pic 3 Lightly tap on compressor discharge
Pic 4 Lightly tap on opposite side of compressor housing to avoid cocking cover and damaging wheel
Pic 5 Removing compressor housing
Pic 6 Removing old silicon sealant
Pic 7 Applying new silicon sealant
Pic 8 Installing compressor housing to desired position
Pic 9 New holes must be drilled into actuator mounting plate to correspond to the compressor housing bolt holes

I used RTV Orange copper sealant as it is rated for the highest temp. Great time to clean everything I had a bit of dirt caught up in the housing and on the blades.

image25 image27 image26