Notes on the floor install:

  • Floor install was straight forward, the directions are a bit open to interpretation on what needs to be done. As the directions states it is recommends that you trace the floor then drill each hole this worked best.
  • I found that using two floor jacks to hold the floor while I drilled a few holes into the frame for a few starting rivets worked best, after a few rivets you should be okay to remove the jacks.
  • Once your floor is installed you will notice the floor is uneven you can go rivet crazy trying to get it more flat but it will never be an air/water tight seal.
  • I found that once the floor was installed it was best to get sealer throughout the whole floor. I would hate to be caught in the rain and come home with a soaked floor… Or worse water get trapped and started eating at the paint/frame from sitting.
    • IMG_3058 (800x600)
    • I used clear sealer and traced around the floor. Clear sealer is your best friend here, if it is not perfect you can wipe the excess and anything that remains will be clear, you won’t even notice it once dry. Just don’t leave large globs.  I used all weather indoor/outdoor sealer. It comes out white buy dries clear.
      • Use a special tool or a finger its up to you, I used my finger and just cleaned as I went. After clean up it should have a nice OEM looking seal :).
      • IMG_3057 (800x600)