Shift Linkage

If there is one thing that I find important in the driving experience it is a nice crisp smooth feeling shiftier. FFR shift linkage is a bit to long to provide a nice shifting experience.  The main reason is it has less adjustment options and it also uses extremely long shiftier cables so you lose a lot of feeling while shifting since your cables are about as long as the whole car.

Lucky for us we have an alternative from zero decibel motorsports! –>

Not only does this look awesome it has endless adjustability and looks great too! You will need a few things for this to work however!

  • MR2 Shiftier 91. I used a 1991 shiftier from my prior mr2. Most feel this shiftier is a lot better to use compared to the FFR provided option I agree!
    • Note: You can use the FRR plastic or metal shiftier if you like though.
  • 7 /8 ft shiftier cables!
    • Again you can use the FFR cables but its not worth it just get the 7/8foot cables they are far better feeling. I used 8foot and they provided plenty of slack to mount them nice.
    • What used these–>
    • image16image1 (2)







  • The mount for the mr2 shiftier was welded up using some parts from one of the FFR seat brackets as I didn’t end up needing them. I needed my mount to be a bit higher sense I am using a FR-S center console.
    • image5image3 (2)








  • My 2014 WRX transmission came with flex plates on the transmission. The flex plates will not clear the linkage So I had to cut one plate completely to clear everything. The other side still has the standard flex plate on it.
    • image8