Update 21

Posted On April 2, 2018

Updates woo finally!!!
I took a bit of time off trying to think of what I wanted to do with bodywork if I wanted to do the work myself or have a friend take care of the work who owned a body shop. Unfortunately, I was forced into a DIY as my buddy with the body shop has way to many customers coming in right now bad for me great for him! So After the long wait, I decided to move forward and attempt my own bodywork scary moments but hey I got a kit car to learn new things right!

I’m not 100% done with my fender corners yet but here is the current progress. Note I have been following Blwalker105’s write up for all my fender/filler work. His filler is the bomb!

FFR finish way to big :(


Comming along kinda lol


Much better :) just need to bring the top down a little bit to match the fender.


Almost ready just need a bit more spot finishes and then I can glass over. Helpful hint shop vac while you sand and cut helps cut down on a big mess.


Part 2

Hood is also installed finally onto the hood mounts and latches. I need to glass over the mounts for more strength but for now, the JB WELD 15min epoxy seems to hold great.


Aero catch mounts have also been installed on each corner. More detailed howto on the aerocatch install will be posted up soon.