Front suspension

Notes on the front suspension:

The majority of what factory five has is correct. However I have listed out the few notes that don’t seem to be correct or needed further information for those trying to assemble.

Upper suspension mount with the large ball joints:

  • Check that the mounts come configured correctly. FF sent me one that was configured correct while the other was configured wrong you want the short end of the mount to face the inside of the car. If you don’t you might be like me, and  not understand why things don’t look the same.
    •  IMG_3039

Shocks/Control arms:

  • You will want to install them together. FF suggests you install the control arms then install the shocks. This will work if your a big guy who has the weight. If your like me I suggest you install the control arms 1st, but loosen them enough for decent amount of play. Next loosen the spring down as far down as you can so your not fighting the spring(Pic shown is the spring compressed again). Now you stand on the end enough to pull them down so you can slide in your shocks. This worked best.
    • IMG_3038 IMG_3037

Hub mount:

  • FF instructions state to put the large bolt in the bottom of the hub. You will find that wont fit well… Place it in the top hole. Subaru hubs have the large bolt on top not on the bottom(marked blue move 9 up).
    • fixIMG_3036 (600x800)

Other side notes:

  • Make sure to clean old ball joints mounts on the hubs to ensure a good seat. Also confirm they are pressed in fully.
  • The provided steering rack mount is not very good I suggest you buy the nice mounts off the forums.