Clutch Line Upgrade

Clutch Line

FFR recommends you install the clutch line in front of the engine and through the intake manifold. Hard lines should never be placed in a spot that will be moving. With engine movement and the need for serviceability having the lines run up front could cause issues down the road. I recommend installing the hard lines along the frame and then run a SS line to the slave.

How I routed my clutch line:

  • Bought a few things from Jegs:
    • 20in straight to 90deg -3An line.
    • -3an 10mm bonjo fitting to the slave cylinder
    • -3an  to 3/8″-24 converter
  • image4
  • image3
  • As you can see the line runs along the rear  and will not get in the way of anything. make sure not to run the SS line by the starter or you might have some fireworks.