This page will be updated as I go along, lines and rear brakes have yet to be installed.

Notes for installing brake components.

  • Front brakes installs as expected nothing has changed compered to OEM application. The brakes I am using are the 06-07 WRX 4 pot red calipers on the front. My calipers are remanufactured units from rockauto. This is a much cheaper solution then buying new ones and sometimes used ones from vendors/dealers. This will mount to most any front Subaru hubs with no fitment problem I am using 2002 2.5rs hubs. Stickers are not included they come painted red with no decal. I really didn’t want mine to say Subaru anyways  so I found an alternative.
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  • Rear Brakes I used 06-07 WRX 2 pot red calipers on the rear. The calipers will require specific 06-07 hubs as the caliper bolt holes are in a different location then the other Subaru hubs.  You can buy brackets that bolt onto earlier and later hubs. I needed hubs to start with so I just ordered a set of low mile hubs off the internet.
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  • Master brake cylinder
    • While some people my have different luck I found that the pedals + mount+ master cylinder are a bit to thick. There was not enough thread for the master cylinder to mount well. I found some 6mm cap screws that were longer than what FFR supplied in my stash of bolts I found this provided a lot more thread for a more secure mount. I put the cap screw through the interior side as I needed the rounded head to be on this side so it cleared the pedal mount. I found that the pedal mount would not allow for anything other then a cap screw as this has the smallest head,  6mm seems to work nice.
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  • Proportion valve
    • Hard hydraulic lines were routed similar to the FFR design, some lines did come out different. Primarily the Clutch line to the slave cylinder was routed different.  See the Drivetrain section for more detail.
  • How I mounted my Propotion valve:
    • image8
    • I used a L bracket from ACE and cut it down accordingly.
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