Radiator install

Front End/ Radiator install:

  • Fitment was a little off on this one. I found that the mounting tabs where off a bit. I had to grind down the sides of the tabs on the radiator/front frame a little bit so that it woudl slide into place. This may be a one off issue but if not you might have to do the same.
    • image6
  • Radiator was installed I used a Mishimoto radiator fitment was good. To help fit the top brackets properly I grinded down the rubber pads on the brackets to help fit the mounts properly.

Everything fit as expected! Because I did not have a donor car I had to go to the auto parts stores and find hoses that would work with the FFR piping. My piping is not 100% like the FFR book. More onĀ  images of how things are routed coming soon.